New domains

I've registered and, you can start using those right now. I tried to register as well but couldn't because I needed a contact in the asia region, if you can help me with that, contact me.

I'm not redirecting people quite yet, but may in the future. The site will remain available through the tk domains though.

The idea is to create a server in the NA and Asia region. People living in EU should then preferably use the .eu domain, people in NA, the .com domain and people in Asia the .asia domain. All your stored tactics will be available in all regions. In practice it will make the pages load a little bit faster, but mostly it will make the ping and the track cursor tools a lot more in sync for people outside the eu, where I'm currently hosting from.

I pretty much did all the legwork already when I created multiple servers to handle the extra load.

Extra servers do cost extra money though. So I added this as goals to my patreon page. If you want this to happen faster, consider donating. in numbers

I want to tank everybody for your trust, has a grown a lot lately, more than I ever expected. It's only at the start of this month I started monitoring traffic and I was amazed. The last month 46,936 unique users have visited the site 193,829 times, opening 363,073 pages. Around 8,000 visits and 6,000 users a day.

The overwelming majority use it for wot (98%). 78% of users come from Europe excluding Russia, 12% from the Americas and 6% from Asia. Although wot is huge in Russia, it accounts for only 2% of visitors. Most traffic is between 19u30-22u CET with peaks of 1,000 symultanious users just before CW start. With a smaller peak around 01u-05u CET during NA cw time.

During peak times, Cpu usage on the amazon T2 micro VM i host it on, hovers around 20%, so still plenty of room to expand even without spending extra.

For those interested in the sources and more details, here is a google analytics reports for March and an hourly breakdown.

Now available in Russian

Андрей is now working on a Russian translation, take a look. If you want this website available in your language, contact me. No technical skill required.


I'd like to hear from you, what do you think can still be improved? Do you think any other games would benefit from a map tool like this? Let me know on one of the forum topics linked in the about page or by mail.

Future plans

Now that the wot campaign is over, things should get a little quieter, so I'm going to use this opportunity to improve and expand a bit.

People seem to find this tool very useful for wot, so I'm going to see if people from a few other games would be interested in it. I'll be starting with league of legend, cause it's easy (not too many maps). If you want a version of wottactic for your favourite game, let me know.

Next, not a lot of people have filled in the survey, but there are some good suggestions in the results.

I got that people want:

  1. More store/share options
  2. More tools
  3. Improved ui
  4. Better maps

Specifically I got people asking for:

  1. A zoom option
  2. A colorblind option
  3. Spawns on the aw and wows maps
  4. More security

I'm having a hard time finding good quality WOWS maps. If you have any idea pls get in touch.

Also I'm not to sure what a color blind mode means exactly. If you are color blind, could you tell what works and what doesn't and how best to fix it.

Video tutorial

I've created a tutorial explaining all the tools and features of And here's another tutorial by Stewiejp.

Recent problems

Yesterday (July 26 20:00-22:00 CET) there were some server issues, sorry for the problems. It should be all fixed now.

As you probably have guessed it was related with the new video replay room feature I was trying out. I released it again with some changes and on a different server so it doesn't interfere with normal operations. Give it a try.

Future plans

If you have any suggestions, you can put them on the forums, contact me by e-mail or put them in the survey.

Scheduled downtime 29/08 13:00-14:00 CET

I'm doing some upgrades and going back to 3 server setup in preparation for the CW campaign.

WOT Tactics visited 1,000,000 times

Since the beginning of March, when i started monitoring traffic, 178,933 users have visitited WOT tactics a total of 1,069,856 times, viewing 2,072,324 pages. At least 189,509 rooms have been created and 25,218 tactics have been stored.

Thank you for your support. I think that's pretty amazing.

For more details here's a google analytics report.

CW campaign

The Birth Of Titans CW Campaign starts today and I'm expecting a record number of visitors.

To handle the increased traffic, I added 2 vm's (amazon t2.micro nodes) and upgraded the main vm which hosts the db from a amazon t2.micro to a t2.small.

With the increased capacity I'm hoping everything will go smoothly. I'll be monitoring it closely though, especially during eu prime time.

Good luck out there.

Network issues

Dns issues on the US east coast made the CDN I'm using unavailable. So the main server needs to now handle all the static contents (images/maps/js). If things are a little slower than usual bear with it for now.

Future plans

If you have any suggestions, you can put them on the forums, contact me by e-mail or put them in the survey.

2,000,000 visits

Since the beginning of March, when i started monitoring traffic, 314,809 users have visitited this website a total of 2,031,807 times, visiting 3,822,789 pages. At least 335,645 rooms have been created and 38,127 tactics have been stored.

Thank you for your support. I think that's pretty amazing.

For more details here's a google analytics report.

Clan Wars: Fifth Campaign

The Fifth campaign for World of tanks is now underway in most regions.

As in previous iterations, I've gone back to the 3 server setup to handle the increased load. You won't have to do anything, it will select a server for your tactic randomly. I will be keeping an eye on things just in case though.

Good luck out there for all the participants.

EDIT: Everything went smooth. The -15mins +15mins spread on the battles really helps to keep things well under control despite a record breaking number of visitors. Thx Wargaming.

3,000,000 visits

Since the beginning of March, this website has been visited a total of 3,069,861 times.

497,425 rooms have been created and 70,917 tactics have been stored. 77842 different users have logged in at least once.

56.3% of users use google chrome. 23.4% use firefox, 8.3% use microsoft edge and 4.8% use ie. Only 2% of the visitors used a tablet or phone.

75% Of the visits are from Europe, with 15% from America and 8% from Asia.

On November 24th the website was visited 44,874 times in a single day, with a peak of 7936 concurrent users around 18PM GMT.

Thank you for your support. I think that's pretty amazing.

For more details here's a google analytics report.

Sorry about the ads

I tried to run in on donations alone the last year, but that doesn't seem to cover the hosting cost. So I've added a little bit of advertising, however:

Scheduled downtime Jan 22 10:00-11:00 GMT

I've been an idiot. For WG accounts, I've used wgid-username as a unique key, which works great up to the point where people change their username. The result is that changing your username would result in no longer seeing your stored tactics.

Tomorrow I'll be fixing that, but it will requite me to bring the site down to fix the db. If you are one of those users who changed their username, your stored tactics will be merged.

EDIT: moved it up a bit so it doesn't conflict with go4wot too much. redirected to

Same website, different name. If you visit, you'll be automatically redirected.

Do I need to do anything ?

No, you will be automatically redirected. You will have to log in again and may want to update links or bookmarks. Old links and bookmarks will keep working though but will require an additional request (very small delay).

Why the switch ?

I will be keeping the domain and is actually the prefered domain for eu residents. The idea is if the site grows a little more it will always be served from an eu based server.

Connection issues

There were some problems earlier in the evening width people on the same tactic not ending up in the same room.

I'm sorry, but problems should be fixed now.